When Dan and I were married in '07, we had a vision of building a ranch where we could chase our dreams of this horsey existence we both loved so much. That summer, as we were building our barn, I made one of those rash spring purchases of a pair of ducklings on a trip through the feed store. We quickly embraced the ducks as mascots for our fledgling ranch and dubbed the ranch Duck Duck Ranch.  Our two hapless ducklings quickly became the life of the ranch and free ranged throughout the ranch. 


But, life on the ranch wasn’t without some harry moments for our ducks. 


We soon found out that the crows are absolute murder on ducks, and we watched helplessly a few of times as one of our ducks was almost carried off by one of the nasty crows. That duck seemed to always make a daring get away. We marveled at his nine lives.  One evening Dan and I were sitting by the fire pit, watching as the horses frolicked in their pen deep in mud after recent rains. The ducks, as usual were out there with the horses as they began to “horse around". Dan and I watched, entertained as the herd and the ducks all played in the late afternoon sunshine. 


That was until one off the horses stepped right on top of one of the duck’s heads and squished it down into the mud. We sat horrified, watching the poor duck flop around, feathers flying with it’s head stuck in the mud. Dan quickly ran to retrieve what we assumed was a dead duck, but when he pulled the head out of the squelching mud with a sucking slurp, the duck just shook off the mud and waddled off like nothing had happened.  We were amazed and looked at each other and said, that is one lucky duck! 


We changed the name of the ranch that day from Duck Duck Ranch to Lucky Duck Ranch which, after all, is a much better name!