It all began in 2011, when Dan and Jenni participated in their first Cowboy Dressage clinic with Eitan Beth-Halachmy and instantly found their home. Eitan's words about lightness, softness, and putting the horse first was the first time that they had seen a horseman's actions so closely follow their words. Eitan, founder of CD, lives the words he preaches seeking always to find a better way for the horse.

Cowboy Dressage has allowed Dan and Jenni's to find a community of like-minded horse people living the creed of kindness first, and in a more welcoming environment than they had ever experienced.  Dan and Jenni had found their home and decided to help build the dream of Cowboy Dressage for both themselves and others.  

Dr. Jenni Grimmett DVM
Level 3 Certified CD Clinician

Jenni is a life long horse lover and has had Morgans since the age of 8. Jenni spent her childhood riding her Morgans in 4-H in all the available disciplines including western, saddle seat, hunt seat and the gaming events. As she focused her life and education towards becoming a veterinarian, horses remained a very strong part of her life, though obviously taking a backseat to a busy school schedule and then the rigors of starting to build a solo equine practice.

After Vet school Jenni found herself back in North Idaho building a practice with the Morgan she had shown all those years in 4-H still by her side. As that horse finally began to age and Jenni looked toward a second horse, she realized that perhaps the skills that she had thought she had mastered as a young girl were really the result of having one very amazing horse for so many years. With the new Morgan Jenni struggled to find the connection and build the skills that she had previously taken for granted. She turned to Natural horsemanship and immersed herself in learning as much as she could realizing that concentrated training time would always be the essential element she was missing.


Eventually her pursuit of better horsemanship and the keys to figuring out her Morgan gelding led her to ride with Eitan Beth Halachmy in 2011.Jenni believes that her journey to softness and elevated riding really took place in April of 2011 when riding with Eitan for the first time. She was immediately hooked and hungry for all the wisdom Eitan could impart. Finally, she had found the style of horsemanship and connection she had been searching for. With a busy solo practice it was difficult to carve out time, but with the addition of a partner in 2014, Jenni was finally able to actively pursue her love of Cowboy Dressage.


Jenni began writing the Cowboy Dressage blog with Eitan in the fall of 2014 then after riding with Eitan in the spring of 2015 was given the go ahead to begin teaching clinics and spreading the love of Cowboy Dressage. Jenni has been traveling and introducing Cowboy Dressage to new areas since May of 2015 and has been to Washington, Montana, South Dakota, New Hampshire and of course, Idaho. Due to her schedule Jenni prefers to teach in a clinic setting and enjoys inspiring folks to start on their Cowboy Dressage journey just like she did in 2011. Jenni and Eitan coauthored the new book released in June of 2018, Dressage, The Cowboy Way. 

Jenni and Chico have won multiple open high points throughout the years at Far West, Spokane, and PNW, as well as earning the soft feel buckle and reserve high point in the WJL division at the Final Gathering this year. Her proudest moment to date is winning the Open Freestyle championship this year after 2 years of taking the reserve ribbon home in that event. This year Jenni plans to travel and teach as well as bring along her 5 year old Morgan gelding who will be starting out in the WJ division.

Dan Grimmett
Level 1 Certified CD Clinician


Dan Grimmett grew up wanting to be a Cowboy. As a young boy he was never to be found without his Cowboy hat and in 50+ year not much has changed. Dan spent his summers as a boy working with his Uncle Max in southern Idaho milking cows and breaking the string of wild ponies that Max always kept. Dan was the crash test dummy in that set up and his Uncle would toss him and, open the gate and off they would go. Dan's first horse was one of those wild fillies that he gentled and broke in the neighbor's back yard.

Raising 3 boys kept Dan off horses for a number of years but as soon as he was able he returned to horses and soon found himself in the show ring earning points for AQHA novice of the year. Dan become interested in natural horsemanship in the 2000's as he explored training and riding in the Idaho mountains after marrying Jenni Scott in 2006. When Jenni first became interested in Cowboy Dressage Dan wasn't immediately sold on it, being more interested at the time in Ranch roping and cattle sorting. But, once saw how good Cowboy Dressage was for the horse and came to love and respect Eitan Beth-Halachmy he was hooked.


Dan rode as an amateur until 2017. He was awarded most improved rider at his first Gathering in 2014. He rode to Reserve Overall High point in 2015 on his mare, Salsa also winning reserve champion freestyle amateur and the vaquero soft feel buckle. He and Salsa have had multiple successful gatherings and this year took Open High Point at the Walla Walla spring gathering. 


Dan began teaching in 2017 and found he enjoys sharing his knowledge and spreading the word about soft feel. Dan has a very soft quiet manner that his students really appreciate and respond to. He is quiet and patient and excels at one on one. Dan has advanced his own horsemanship through the mentorship of all the Cowboy Dressage partners and has taken the first steps towards becoming certified as a Cowboy Dressage judge. Dan has also participated in clinics with Buck Brannaman, Buster McLaury, and Jon Ensign. Dan is currently building the lesson program at Lucky Duck Ranch and looking to bring on his new projects for 2018. 

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