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Below you will find specific details for each event with the ability to book online.

Check out our different clinic types this year, then click to learn more.


Other LDR Ranch Costs

Dry camping   $25/night

"Power" Camping  $35/night

 Pens   $20/night 

Pens (w/Level 3 Membership) $15/night

Lesson Horse  $25.00

Cancellation Policy

No refunds without a vet or doctor note up to a month before a clinic. After that, you will receive a refund if we can fill your spot from a waiting list. You will be responsible for contacting the waiting list in its priority order.  After that you may also sell your spot yourself, if necessary. Should the clinic need to be cancelled for reasons beyond our control - all participants will receive a full refund or ranch credit.

Booking Schedule

January - Blaster Ducks Level 3

February - Fledgling Ducks Level 2

March - Cyber Ducks Level 1 

April - Public


Date TBD

Get to know your fellow Duckers or come to learn more about LDR's membership program and see if it is right for you.  Either way you get to meet with a lot of like minded folk wanting to become better horseman/women and have some fun.

LD Ride Nights

May​ 13, 27

June 10, 27

July 8, 22

August 12, 26

These are Ducker taught evenings and will be hosted by Level 3 Duckers that have been a part of Lucky Duck Ranch for an extended period of time.  They may host games, grab bag test riding or something else to keep the fun and good times working!  

EOY Celebration!

Date TBD

End of the year party to celebrate each of our journeys during the riding season.  Potluck meal fill with fun, laughter, and plans for the following year.


$100 - one 1/2 Saturday a month, May through August (week days can be available by special request)

Dan Grimmett

The introductory clinics are designed to give the rider a basic understanding of the principles of Cowboy Dressage including the driving principle of Soft Feel.You will learn the court, the gaits, the frames and receive an introduction to riding a Cowboy Dressage test.


These are 4 hour small group clinic sessions open to 6 riders at a time. They are offered once monthly and are required prior to participation in the other clinics offered at the ranch. You do not need to be a member of Lucky Duck Ranch to participate in an introductory clinic. Cost is $100 and one can take more than once.


Any of the Introduction to Cowboy Dressage clinics can be paid for on day of clinic.  A Ducker can invite a friend to audit this clinic for free; otherwise these clinics will not be be open to auditors.

Applied Cowboy Dressage Series* (ACD Series)

$250 / $225 for Level 2 and 3 Duckers or $800 for all with package payment by 4/30/21

Dan and Dr. Jenni Grimmett

In order to ride in the 4 clinic series, you must have completed at least one introductory clinic here at the Ranch. You are expected to come to these clinics with a basic understanding of the court, frames, gaits and be a handshake member with Cowboy Dressage. These clinics will be broken into 3 riding groups of 5 participants based on rider/horse skill and knowledge in Cowboy Dressage. These clinics will run from 8-5 Saturday and Sunday with a 1 hour break for lunch. Each group will ride in both an afternoon and morning session. While you are encouraged to audit the sessions that you are not riding in, you are not required to be there for those sessions. You must sign up for both days, split days/riders will not be accommodated for these clinics unless by prior arrangement.

1. Foundation in Soft Feel - Mountain Trail Obstacles (May)

2. Bend & Balance - Garrocha (June)

3. Cadence & Control - Gymkhana games with partnership and feel (July)

4. Classical Dressage to the Cowboy Dressage Horse - Reined cow / flag work (August)

Any of the ACD Series will require a $100 deposit one month prior to the clinic with the balance due at the clinic. You can also take advantage of the discounted package price for this series. The package is $800 - a $100 savings - paid in full by April 30, 2021. If you are both a non-Ducker and never taken an Intro Clinic at LDR, you can request a waiver from this requirement from Jenni and/or Dan. This is not a guaranteed way to get into a clinic.Auditing is free for Duckers.  Non-Duckers are $25/day.


Specialized Clinics

$300 / $275 for Level 2 and 3 Duckers

Dan and Dr. Jenni Grimmett, Lyn Ringrose-Moe

1. Ground and Liberty Work (May/June/July?)

2. Musical Freestyle (June/July?)

These clinics will require a $100 deposit one month prior to the clinic with balance due at the clinic.

Auditing is free for Level 2 and 3 Duckers; otherwise $25/day.

3. Lyn Ringrose-Moe 

    July 9-11

    September 10-12


Lyn's clinics will require a $300 deposit by one month prior to clinic.

Auditing is free for Level 2 and 3 Duckers; Level 1 Duckers $25/dayothers are $35/day.

For all of these specialized clinics, if you are both a non-Ducker and have never taken an Intro Clinic at LDR, you can request a waiver from this requirement from Jenni and/or Dan.  This is not a guaranteed way to get into a clinic.

(208) 659-6264 (Jenni)
(208) 946-6650 (Dan)
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