Memberships & Discounted Clinic Package

  • Cyber Duck

    Lucky Ducker Membership Level 1
    • Exclusive access to the Lucky Ducker FB Page
    • Exclusive access to Lucky Duck Ranch educational materials
    • Access to monthly cyber clinics during the winter
    • Free auditing at any of the Applied Cowboy Dressage clinics
    • Discounted auditing at Lyn Ringrose Moe's clinics
    • Hootenanny and EOY Celebration (tentative on covid)
  • Fledgling Duck

    Lucky Ducker Membership Level 2
    • Everything in the Cyber Duck membership
    • Opportunity to sign up early for clinics (after Level 3)
    • Discounts on clinics and lessons
    • Opportunity to participate in Lucky Duck Ride Nights
    • Free auditing at all LDR clinics
    • * You must have taken an Intro or Series clinic to qualify
    • You can upgrade to this level at any time.
  • Blaster Duck

    Lucky Ducker Membership Level 3
    • Everything in the Cyber and Fledgling packages
    • Early Bird sign-up for LDR clinics
    • Free coaching at any gathering where LDR is present
    • Free filming of tests if Virtual Shows continue
    • Discount on overnight pens
    • Lessons - 2 from Dan, 1 from Jenni
    • Host Lucky Duck Ride Nights and mentor participants
    • * Must have been a Ducker for two years already to qualify