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The Ducker Club

A quacking great place

for fellowship and friendship!

The Ducker Club is for anyone looking for a group of like-minded men and women celebrating the journey to soft feel through Cowboy Dressage. It is for any horseman looking for support, structure and coaching in a team atmosphere. Most importantly, it is for any horseman looking for inspiration, positive feedback, support and looking to be a part of a family of friends sharing laughs and memories.

Three membership levels: Cyber Duck, Fledgling, and Blaster Duck.

Laptop and rubber yellow duck toy isolat

CYBER DUCK - Level 1


Cyber Duck is the entry level membership.  This is a great option for folks that live a substantial distance from the ranch or do not have a horse currently ready to participate in Cowboy Dressage. You can upgrade to the Level 2 Membership once you have completed the participation requirements.

  • Exclusive access to the Lucky Ducker Member FB Page

  • Exclusive access to the Lucky Duck Ranch educational materials

  • Access to monthly cyber clinics during the winter

  • Auditing

    • Free auditing at any of the Applied Cowboy Dressage Clinics (4)

    • Discounted auditing at the Lyn Ringrose-Moe clinics

    • $25 auditing at Special Topic Clinics (Ground & Liberty, Freestyle)
  • Hootenanny
  • End of Year Party

Rubber yellow duck family - mother and l



To become a Fledgling, you must have participated in at least one Introductory Clinic or one of the Foundation Series clinics over the past two summers (2020 and 2019) or in 2021. You can move up to this level any time after you have a clinic under your belt. This is a great option for folks wishing to attend one or two of the 4-clinic series or to audit any of the clinics at no charge (over a $700 value!).

  • Access to all Cyber Duck benefits

  • Opportunity to sign-up early for clinics (after Level 3)

  • Discounts on clinics and lessons

  • Opportunity to participate in Lucky Duck Ride Nights

  • Free auditing at all LDR clinics

Yellow rubber duck in a silver helmet. b



To become a Blaster Duck, you are required to have been a Lucky Duck Member for 2 years (2019 & 2020). This membership is hard to value, but is well over $1000. 

  • Access to all Cyber Duck and Fledgling benefits

  • Early Bird sign-up for clinics

  • Free coaching at selective gatherings / virtual show filmings

  • Free filming of tests if virtual shows continue

  • Discount on overnight pens

  • Free lessons - 2 from Dan, 1 from Jenni

  • Expected to host and provide mentorship to the Fledgling Ducks at Lucky Duck Ride nights

  • Expected to encourage participation and camaraderie by spreading the message of Cowboy Dressage through “kindness first”.